Integration of multiple Intelligence sensors

Prelysis Communication and Information Systems Ltd. is a consultancy and integration company providing integration, technology solutions and consultancy in the intelligence and Homeland Security domain.

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Prelysis Communication and Information Systems Ltd. is a consultancy and integration company providing integration, technology solutions and consultancy in the intelligence and Homeland Security domain. Established in 2014, Prelysis focuses in providing wide solutions for Intelligence and Cyber Big Data challenges, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. Prelysis’ xperts bring years of experience in Intelligence, Operations, Communication and Technology. Prelysis’ solutions and professional services are known and recognized by international organizations in the public and the private sector.

Proven field experience Best Practices and Know-hows

worldwide consultation and support Local presence in over 15 countries

Professionals and Domain experts In intelligence and Big Data Analytics

Solution Provider Focusing on client’s need

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Prelysis Communication and Information Systems Ltd. Help National Security Agencies to reduce urban violence, fight organized crime, terror and illegal activities as well as prevent threats to internal security. Prelysis brings professional expertise, field proven technology and “real world know-how” to build and maintain Intelligence and Cyber Units for Law Enforcement, National Security and National Intelligence organizations.
Prelysis Communication and Information Systems Ltd. provides Integration and Consultancy in its domain expertise and pays unique attention to the rapid changes in the technology when building its solutions. The Integrated solutions are based on a state-of-the-art products and innovative technologies. Prelysis’ professionals bring years of experience in intelligence, cyber, homeland security, big data analytics, data Science, and machine learning.
As Homeland Security needs became crucial in the late years, the demand for providing end-to-end solutions in the HLS domain has been raised significantly. Prelysis’ HLS integration and solution platform has already been recognized by LEAs, Critical infrastructure and Utilities.

Prelysis’ technology professionals work with customers on real-life scenarios to develop solutions that meet their homeland security needs.
Governmental agencies and Law Enforcement agencies are using intelligence technology for their daily operation and challenges. Signal Intelligence, Visual intelligence and Open Source intelligence are now becoming more and more challenging as the technologies grow and the digitization of the work processes is inevitable.

Prelysis integrates multiple intelligence sensors into 1 integrated platform to provide a wide intelligence clear picture. The intelligence solutions provided are made of multiple sensor types among them you could find:
  • Cellular Signal Intelligence sensors
  • Image Intelligence sensors
  • Satellite signal Intelligence sensors
  • Open source Intelligence sensors
  • Wireless communication Intelligence sensors
  • GPS and Geo-Location Intelligence sensors
  • and more…
As cyber expert we provide cyber consultancy and products for the protection of your organization from cyber threats. The cyber products provided are based on 3rd party cooperation and are integrated into Prelysis’ platform to maintain 1 complete protection solution for the organization. The Cyber Operation Management System solution is using the most innovative and advanced available solutions in the road of cyber protection to ensure maximum protection from potential cyber-attacks.
Exploiting data science's potential is challenging. The huge amount of data created, mainly from the Intelligence and Cyber sensors, is increasing exponentially, and consequentially the need to maintain and analyse this big data. Prelysis is specialized in advanced big data analytics of Intelligence and communication, predictive analytics and identification of behavioural patterns for anti-terrorism, crime prevention, search and rescue and more.

Prelysis Communication and Information Systems’ experts are all PhD professionals, Data scientists, researchers and data magicians. Their expertise to extract needle information in the data haystack has been recognized and honoured by international institutions. Our Data experts empower predictive analytics on big data using innovative algorithms



Our consultancy is built of years of experience in the field of Homeland Security, Big Data Intelligence and Cyber. Prelysis’ professionals will assess the challenges of your organization, prepare the detailed intelligence and operational plan, and will provide consultancy tailored to your specific essentials.

Fields of Consultancy :
  • Communication and Signal Intelligence
  • Cyber Defence and Offense
  • Forensics and Investigation
  • Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Building the intelligence Picture
  • Building Signal Intelligence unit


In the world of rapid technology changes the flexibility is a must. Organizations are required to meet those rapid changes on the move and to make sure that an existing solution is ready to those new changes. Existing Intelligence, cyber and Fusion systems can be customized according to the clients’ need.

The customization, starting with tailored Hardware and Software development through training and professional services is designed specifically to meet client’s requirements

  • Seamless integration of all mission critical systems.
  • High quality on-site maintenance services.
  • Expert professional training programs.
  • Turnkey, customer-focused.

Predictive Analytics

In order to maximize the value and impact of your intelligence data we provide Predictive Analytics techniques. Our Predictive Analytics and data mining professional services are based on group of data scientists using powerful and advanced technologies with innovative algorithms.

Our Predictive Analytics capabilities help to optimize your big data intelligence.


Following the evolution of new global technologies and threats, Prelysis leads the technology and innovation approach in any solution it provides.

Prelysis integrates and serves products for law enforcement agencies, homeland security and Intelligence organizations. Its expertise in the fields of Cyber and Intelligence enables to provide a complete integration process. Prelysis is flexible solution oriented. Our flexible operational platform with seamless integration to all mission-critical systems helps us to deliver a complex of large scale, turnkey projects.

Acting worldwide, Prelysis’ integration is driven by a quest for high performance and commitment.


The TOMS is a Tactical Monitoring and Management System of Multiple Intelligence Sensors, Mobile Sources, IP based devices, IoTs and more. TOMS GIS based platform provides multi-layer intelligence, operation diversity and user-friendly Interface. All connected devices/sensors are monitored, located and controlled at all time from any computer, tablet, Smartphone or other connected device through an innovative Web Based Application.

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